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SMIRNOFF VODKA BLUE RASPBERRY LEMONADE POUCH 10 OZ 10OZ single bottle b btl bottles pouch find and buy smirnoff vodka blue raspberry lemonade pouch near me rasp berry raspberry lemonade lemon sour sweet flavor flavored vodka liqueur liquor rtd ready to drink ready-to-drink
SMIRNOFF VODKA BLUE RASPBERRY LEMONADE POUCH 10 OZ. "The fun and great taste of frozen drinks are undeniable, but so is the hassle of pulling out the blender to make them! Introducing NEW Smirnoff ICE Frozen Pouches, an exciting taste experience combining fun fruit flavors with the quality you expect from Smirnoff, in a format that freezes overnight for a perfectly blended treat you can pour right into a glass." -- Smirnoff Vodka


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