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KERKOM BINK TRIPEL Look, it’s a big bottle! Not so easy to misplace. And people are saying already that Bink is the best Tripel of Belgium – earthy, deep, complex, but light in color and on the palate, as befits the style, and it packs a very healthy wallop of whole fresh hop aroma. The Kerkom brewery is a shrine to the noble hop, and the brewer, Marc Limet, is the guardian of the eternal flame at a time when most Belgian breweries have forgotten that hops ever existed. So it is no surprise that this beer is purported to be the hoppiest of Tripels. Actually, Bink Tripel isn’t quite hoppy enough for us – not yet. But since things only get hoppier and hoppier at Kerkom as time goes by, we are content to drink, and wait. As Marc says, “ it’s getting better all the time . . .”


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