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RUMPLE MINZE PEPPERMINT SCHNAPPS 375 ML 375ML single bottle b btl bottles find and buy rumple minze peppermint schnapps near me pepper mint flavor flavored liqueur liquor schnapps spirit spirits rumple rumpleminz rumplmints rumplemints rumpleminze rumple minze peppermint snapps schnapps pepper mint flavor flavored flavors best price buy
RUMPLE MINZE PEPPERMINT SCHNAPPS 375 ML. "Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps is an authentic German-style spirit with a strong candy-cane flavor and high alcohol content. In fact, the brand's peppermint schnapps is 50 percent alcohol by volume, or 100-proof, which is more than most liquors on the market." -- Rumple Minze


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